Do High Class Escorts Ruin Relationships?

Do Escorts ruin relationships?

Do escorts ruin relationships? Let’s break it down. 

For many, the idea of engaging with high class escorts, particularly when engaging whilst within a relationship, is shrouded in stigma and shame. However, many factors determine the fate of a relationship, thus who is to say a non-committal and discreet moment with a high class escort is the cause of relationship issues. What if seeing a high-class escort could actually be for the benefit of your relationship? After all, they are professionals!

Multiple reasons exist for men, women and couples booking high class escorts. These could range from sexual exploration and communication, fantasy fulfilment and further sexual satisfaction, a safe space to express emotions, sexual education, or simply a single night of fun with no strings attached.

A relationship is real and constant work to maintain! It’s easy to get into a rut every now and then – seeing a high-class escort can help to bring that all important spark back to a relationship!

Exploration and Communication

Seeing a high-class escort together (or alone) can provide opportunities for couples and individuals to explore desires and preferences in a safe and non-judgmental environment. It can facilitate discussions about what turns them on, leading to improved communication and deeper intimacy. This communication breaks down barriers of shame and stigma so they can take home a new and improved confidence – which can be a huge benefit to any relationship!

Education and Learning

High class escorts can serve as a source of sexual education for couples and individuals, allowing them to learn new techniques, positions, or ideas that they can incorporate into their own sex life if they choose.

Fantasy Fulfilment

High class escorts often depict fantasies and scenarios that the client may find arousing and perhaps hasn’t had the confidence to bring up to their significant other due to shame or feeling like they need to only perform a certain way in and out of the bedroom. By having the opportunity to indulge in these fantasies in a safe, discrete and non-judgemental environment, the client can build up the confidence to open up and explore this fantasy at home – thus creating a stronger bond between partners!

This could certainly include the very common fantasy between partners of a sexy and sensual threesome! However, this can be a tricky dynamic to manage and needs to be dealt with particularly carefully.

What if instead you seek out the company of a professional? No strings attached, everyone feels comfortable, and the fantasy is satisfied with zero fall out! If this is a little intimidating at first, communication with your high-class escort is everything! Express your desires and perhaps apprehensions and she will do all that she can to put you at ease. At the end of the day high escorts are normal people too, with both desires and an understanding of being nervous and a longing to explore desires and fantasies.

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