What Should I Know Before Meeting A High Class Melbourne Escort?

1. Is Meeting a High Class Melbourne Escort Legal?
2. About your Melbourne High Class Escort
3. Be prepared
4. Hygiene

Meeting a high class Melbourne escort should be an exciting and enjoyable experience for all involved! Let’s get into the basics you should or may be curious to know before meeting your courtesan.

1. Is meeting a high class Melboourne escort legal?
Victorian law states that sex workers may operate their business the same as any other small business, meaning meeting your companion is not an offence for either party.

For more details regarding this a great resource is Scarlet Alliance’s article on Victorian Laws https://scarletalliance.org.au/resources/laws/vic/

2. About your Melbourne High Class Escort
It is understandable that you may want to know more about your companion, however please refrain from asking personal questions such as her “real” name, or where she lives. This is extremely uncomfortable for her and also compromises her safety. Any details which you need to know or she feels comfortable providing will be listed on her advertisements, which should be read in full prior to enquiring to meet her and/or meeting her. Remember – she is a person just like you and as such should always be treated with respect. As such, the same will be given back to you.

3. Be Prepared
Ensure that you have her required fee prepared to give her upon meeting – within the first 10 minutes is a good standard to go by, however if you have any questions regarding how she prefers payment just politely ask.

The same applies to the space in which you will be meeting her if an outcall – ensure your space is clean, tidy and comfortable. The same as you would want it to be for any guest.

4. Hygiene
Hygiene is extremely important and something that will be surely observed by your High Class Melbourne Escort. Ensure to take a shower, dress nicely and appropriately, brush your teeth/use mouthwash, trim any hair and perhaps put on a small spritz of aftershave. These small gestures go a long way in creating the best possible experience for you and her. Also, if any symptoms of STD’s become apparent prior to your booking, let your companion know, postpone the date and get these checked up on before organising to meet again. By law all services must be protected however monitoring for and appropriately treating STD’s is absolutely critical! If you have any doubts at all, seek medical attention and communicate suitably.

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