How to Successfully Book a High Class Escort

Book a high class escort- Whether it is your first time or after many times should be an enjoyable and stress free experience! From your initial enquiry right through to the moment you meet your high class lady, there are five key ways in which to make the booking process as effortless as possible.
1. Research
2. Initial Enquiry
3. Pre Booking Correspondence and Etiquette
4. The Date
5. Post Date
Firstly, research is extremely important in beginning your adventure of successfully booking a high class companion. Take the time to read the ladies bio, check their stats and ensure you understand their booking T&C’s. Some ladies require that your initial enquiry outlines basic information such as name, age, location etc. Even if the lady does not outwardly state that they require this type of information on initial enquiry it is polite to include at least some basic details about yourself and the booking you would like – and ensures a higher chance of response! Consider you are essentially asking an incredible woman who is frequently contacted to choose to meet you – make yourself stand out in the best way possible.

Within your research you may also come across independent and agency signed ladies. There are certainly positives to both however part of the beauty of booking through an agency such as Emerald Australia is that if the particular lady you were hoping to see is not available, or you are unsure on who will best suit your needs, we can easily recommend the most suitable lady for you – and within a variety of locations! It also may be a less intimidating way of meeting a lady for the first time since you have someone dedicated to guiding you through the process and spend more time answering any questions.

Initial Enquiry
An ideal enquiry would look something like the following:
Hi (Lady or Agencies Name),
My name is (Name), (Age) from (Location). I am interested in meeting Jade on Wednesday 17th April at 8pm for 2 hours GFE. I’ll be staying at the Sheraton Hyde Park so I would like her to meet me here if possible. Please let me know if you require any further details. Thank you and I look forward to your reply!

Include any other information you believe may be necessary or would like your companion to be aware of. Ie any disabilities, kinks, special requests or just general questions or interests to ensure maximum compatibility, and therefore enjoyment on the day (or night).
Enquiring with Emerald Australia also provides some more room for “error”, so to speak within your initial enquiry. We have a dedicated team available 24/7 to reply to your message confidentially, so we can afford to spend more time chatting in order to find you the perfect lady!


Pre Booking Correspondence Etiquette
Your companion has replied and would like to meet you, thanks to your A+ enquiry – congratulations! So what now?

Once a reply has been received it will all depend on the policies of the provider. You may need to provide additional screening info such as a photo of ID or a reference from a provider you have seen previously. A deposit is also quite common practice within Australia to secure a date. There are more ways than you may expect to pay a deposit with the majority being completely discreet. These can include but are not limited to Beem It, BTC/ Crypto, Cash deposit into ATM, bank transfer and more. If a deposit method you would like to use is not mentioned by your provider don’t be shy to ask – just ensure you do so in a respectful manner. Plus not all companions require a deposit – so don’t let it scare you off! If you are having doubts about paying a deposit or providing ID due to the legitimacy of the provider we have you covered! Check out our “How to find a legitimate high class Escort” to confidently know that the lady you are planning to meet is the real deal!

General etiquette before your date is also important. Treat it like how you would prepare for any other date. Be on time, be polite and respectful and be aware that your companion may be feeling a little nervous too! Shower and dress presentably and appropriately for the type of date you have booked (ie is she coming to your home or are you meeting out at a restaurant..).
You may want to share a glass of wine or snacks and if so have these prepared but do remember that not all high class escorts drink so ensure to check with her first and respect her choice. If she is comfortable drinking with you, refrain from opening the bottle until she is with you.

Lastly and importantly have her preferred payment method prepared and placed discreetly ready for her.

If you are still awaiting a reply…
Do not be disheartened if you do not receive a reply or if your message takes some time to get back to. Double check that you have provided all information required of you and have done so in a polite and respectful manner. If you still don’t hear back, it may be worthwhile sending a follow up
message a few days later. You can also check the ladies’ social media such as X (Twitter) or Instagram if she has them, to check if she may have taken a temporary hiatus or perhaps dealing with a larger than usual influx of inquiries, thus resulting in a slight delay!
You may or may not know that most companions manage their entire business alone – from replying to enquiries, organizing dates, managing social medias and advertising, planning photoshoots and tours, staying up to date with ever changing state laws and regulations..and did we mention actually attending to and providing the 5 star in person experience that you receive? It’s a lot! So a little patience when it comes to a reply can go a long way.
If you do not receive a reply, this is 99% likely a sign that this companion is simply too busy to accommodate any more time within her schedule and no reason to be taken personally! In fact – try again in the future (1-3 months) to see if any new availability may have come up. We bet she’s worth the wait!
However, this is yet another plus to enquiring through Emerald Australia! Provided your enquiry is polite and respectful you never need to worry about not receiving a response – generally a reply can be expected within 24 hours. And if your requested lady is unavailable we will do our absolute best to find you another equally amazing lady! Plus you can ensure that all photos and info have been verified by a third party and any and all payments and prepayments/deposits and ID’s will be handled safely with proper company standards in place.
The Date
How to ensure the most fantastic date is something that requires its own dedicated blog post, however let’s cover the basics!
If you do not hear from your high class escort on the date of booking feel free to reach out to her confirming any last minute details for the date including the time, venue and importantly where abouts in the venue you shall be awaiting her, for a swift and discreet initial meeting. The more prepared here the better! Perhaps let her know what color shirt and pants you are wearing, a prominent feature near where you will be waiting, etc. This is typically only necessary if you are meeting each other at a hotel or other public venue.
During your time together, treat it like any other date – with respect! Have her preferred payment method prepared and placed discreetly ready for her and offer this/let her know it is there within the first 10 minutes of meeting to avoid any awkwardness. Even if you have already showered she may ask you to do so again before getting into the bedroom. Don’t be offended if so – this is pretty common practice and may help her to feel extra comfortable, which ultimately create a better time for both of you!
Now you get to spend your time enjoying getting to know such a beautiful lady on such an intimate level!
After the Date
Post date you may wish to send a small message of appreciation, however it is simply an extra touch and completely up to you! Despite being unnecessary it will likely be very appreciated by the lady.

To enquire about booking a High Class Escort reach out to us at Emerald Australia today, for a non-committal and friendly chat!

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