5 of The Most Asked Questions About Escorting

Should I See an escort?

  1. Should I See an Escort? What exactly is escorting?

This question often arises from those unfamiliar with the industry. People may wonder about the nature of the services provided, the boundaries involved, and how it differs from other forms of adult entertainment. Escorting involves providing  services that can be sexual or non sexual in nature – such as companionship or an escort’s time.

  1. Is Escorting Legal?

Yes! In all locations that Emerald Australia operates, escorting is legal or “decriminalised”. Meaning that basically a client is completely within their rights to employ the services of an escort, and an escort is completely allowed to work as such.

  1. How do escorts ensure safety?

Safety is a paramount concern in the escorting industry. Safety measures include screening processes, security protocols, and strategies for handling potentially risky situations.

  1. How much do escorts make?

This varies greatly for every escort depending on what rate they charge, how much they work and other factors such as their location. At Emerald Australia our escorts charge a 750ph for a Girlfriend Experience!

  1. What motivates individuals to become escorts?

This question delves into the personal motivations and experiences of escorts. Answers may vary widely, from financial considerations to empowerment, autonomy, and a desire for exploration and adventure.

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